The primary school "Lumbera de Saber" (Light of Knowledge) is a nationally recognized, christian school which based his cornerstones in the fight against the illiteracy. The school is supervised actually from nine teachers, one school psychologist, one chef  and one facility manager.


The directress lead the school with a lot of passion and dedication. She thanks God for the support that we give to the school and the school kids which we can give through donations and sponsorship. She see the school with the help of God as a cornerstone for a better future of the children and the region.


With our support we could do a lot of important renovations. We changed the batteries of the generators, buy fans, chairs and tables to make the daily leassons a lot pleasant. These are little measures, but they have a big effect in the organisation of their school life. The children and the teachers let us feel it through their joy and gratitude. The floor of the playground receives a new ground with gravel to reduce injuries because of tumbling.


What will bring the future? Actually we have 160 school kids which aren't all sponsorshipped. And here is Your action. Help us with your donation or a sponsorship. For next year we have the prognosis to receive more than 180 school kids and will need one more teacher.


This all brings costs. Costs that we only can pay with donations. Your donation can do a lot independently of his value.

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